Sweets from Arcay make the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts!

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Experience the art of chocolate this Valentine’s Day at Arcay Chocolates. Venezuelan master chocolatier Anabella Arcay founded Arcay Chocolates as one of the top collections of truffles and bonbons in the entire world with vast experience with cocoa and chocolate. The internationally acclaimed chocolatier has 42 international awards, offers a vibrant mix of art and flavors that develop an atmosphere of exquisite sensations, and provides a wide range of delicious and mouth-watering desserts and chocolates. Years in the chocolate business have helped Anabella create a business that caters to every need, taste, and client with an incredible fusion of chocolate and art.

The chocolate shop offers everything from chocolate to truffles to specialty bars to shots, peels, pretzels, and fruits. Check out Arcay Chocolates’ chocolate-covered orange peels, dark chocolate-dipped figs, dark chocolate marshmallow bar, pistachio bar, creamy cookie bar, milk chocolate crispy rice bar, lemon basil truffle, Irish cream truffle, tamarind truffle, crunchy caramel truffle, blackberry cardamom truffle, lavender truffle, and more. The Latinx-owned chocolate bar provides catering and accepts credit cards and Apple Pay.

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