Try Something New in 2022 at Dance Trance DC, Just Moments From Your DC Apartment

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Get in the swing of things at Dance Trance DC and reach your 2022 goals in a fun and creative way! The goal of this studio near your luxury apartment in downtown Washington DC is to motivate and inspire people to get their bodies up and moving while also taking part in a true art form … dance! Every week, the fabulous and knowledgeable instructors create a new choreographed dance routine for the group using popular songs that you’d hear everyday on the radio. You will then have the chance to learn the routine on the Tuesday and Saturday classes and at the end of the week, you dance the full routine like a boss! 

Dancing is a proven method of exercise that promotes weight loss, helps release endorphins to make you feel less stressed and is the perfect workout hack for people that just hate working out in the traditional sense. You will not be disappointed by both the results and the experience at Dance Trance DC, so why not give it a shot?

The studio is open for both virtual and in-person sessions and you can easily sign up online by visiting and choosing the party package that works for you.

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