Capital Doner Is Now Open in Dupont Circle Near Your DC Apartment

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Are you looking for a new restaurant to try this week? Make a trip over to Capital Doner! At this newly opened eatery near your Dupont Circle apartment building, you can enjoy tasty Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine in a warm, homey setting. Inside, there’s a few tables and chairs spread out spaciously as well as an outdoor patio with bright blue chairs and tables and umbrellas hanging overhead. 

A few savory dishes you’ll find on the menu include their Doner wrap, Doner burger, mezze platter, red lentil soup, and falafel pita sandwich. For dessert, choose from carrot baklava, pistachio wrap, and sobiyet baklava. Some of their beverages to sip with your meal are the Ayran yogurt drink, lemonade, and soda. There’s a tasty meal for everyone to enjoy, with quite the variety of unique, homemade options to pick and choose from on the menu. 

“Excellent! Authentic. Great service,” says a Yelp Review customer. “A must eat on Dupont Circle.” Whet your appetite with a hearty dish from here, and be sure to venture over soon with friends and family.

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