Now Open Near Your City Center DC Apartment: The Duck and the Peach

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Every little corner of DC should have a spot like The Duck and The Peach. Morning, noon, and night, this specialty café has something delicious to eat, whether you stop in first thing for a cinnamon roll and coffee, or need to pick-up family-style dinners and cocktails to enjoy back at your DC apartment.

The Duck and The Peach sources local ingredients for their California-inspired menu, and offers everything from feel-good bowls to deeply indulgent pastries. Grab a dozen cranberry scones for the office, or roasted chicken with charred lemon on your way home from a busy day. The Duck and The Peach has lovely wines and other provisions to add onto your order, plus cocktails that serve up to four people.

Carryout is the most popular options now (with easy ordering via the website), but The Duck and The Peach also features a relaxed outdoor patio for when the weather warms up. Visit the website to see what’s fresh, or to learn more about this quintessential café.

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