Masseria: Dine on Refined Italian Fare at Your Washington DC Apartment

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If you imagine Italian food and don’t think of romance almost instantaneously, you’ve been eating the wrong sort of Italian food. At Masseria, the menu is quintessentially Italian and unequivocally romantic. 

Led by Chef Nicholas Stefanelli, whose own Italian roots sparked his love for the cuisine and culture, Masseria aims to encompass the flavors and feelings of Italy through their Michelin-starred dining experience. Enjoy the signature dishes that make up the La Cucina tasting menu, with six courses determined to send you straight to the Italian coast. Or, visit their courtyard for the apertivo or dolce experiences, which offer a taste of Italy in a cozy outdoor space. 

Prefer to dine from the comfort of home at your Navy Yard apartment? Masseria a Casa presents a selection of Masseria flavors with a three-course dinner (or its vegetarian equivalent).

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