Wild Days Merges Great Food and Entertainment Near Your Capitol Hill Apartment

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One of the best parts of living in a city like DC is having access to almost infinite sources of entertainment and other fun. Some days, you indulge in a specialty cocktail while others feature good friends, good food, or good music. But, once in a while, you’ll find all of this and more, like at WILD DAYS, a new addition that’s made its way to K Street. 

Make sure you have something in your stomach before you start sipping your drink with something tasty from their rooftop bites or Neopolitan pizza offerings. A backyard barbecue pie, lamb burger, or order of fries is sure to hit the spot. Then, choose from cocktails, wines, and beers to add some extra excitement to your night on the town—or, perhaps more aptly, looking over it. Sip a warm spiced drink as you take in the view from the WILD DAYS rooftop, or treat yourself and friends to a s’mores service for a unique option. 

Whether you head to WILD DAYS for a special event or just for an evening of fun with friends, it will quickly become one of your favorite spots near your Dupont Circle apartment building!

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