Ghostline: Cuisines From All Around the World, Under One Roof Near Your DC Apartment

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If you haven’t been to Ghostline yet, you’re missing out. This new-age food hall serves up all sorts of flavors all in one spot, perfect for dine-in, takeout, and delivery to your apartments near the DC Metro. From Mexican to ramen to dessert, you’ll be able to get it all under one roof.

Ghostline the perfect spot to head if you have a group of diners who can’t seem to agree on one spot for dinner or foodies who just want to try a little bit of everything. Grab a carrot cake cupcake from Red Velvet, braised short ribs from Little Beast, shoyu ramen from Ramen by Uzu, a mango-ginger lassi from Tokuri … you get the picture. There’s no shortage in variety! Each spot is a different stall or restaurant, with shared seating areas.

They also have the Ghostline Garden feature which is an outdoor bar and rooftop oasis complete with waterfall and plenty of drinks flowing. It’s heated, so you’ll be able to enjoy during any season. Even as the colder months start to roll in, it’ll be there to help you warm up!

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