Now Open Near Your City Center DC Apartment: Gypsy Kitchen

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Gypsy Kitchen sure has hit the ground running. The brand-new eatery’s Yelp reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many five-star ratings for the delicious dishes, elegant presentations, and personal service.

Look for a menu of small plates and tapas style offerings with a distinct Mediterranean flair, from the cured meat and cheese platters just like you’d get in Spain, to Lebanese kibbeh with lots of garlicky zip. There are also a few dishes that might be new to you, like tirokrotes – crisp cheese topped with romesco sauce and Greek honey – or grilled dates stuffed with bruleed feta. Gypsy Kitchen has a few larger plates as well, like confit duck leg or pan roasted branzino that are designed for one, but also make a more substantial option that you can pass and share. That’s the fun of this upscale yet relaxed spot.

Order plenty of wine and small plates, and catch up with friends after a long season of staying at home. Find this new restaurant on 14th Street in Cardozo. Outdoor seating is available.

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