Cool Off in Your DC Apartment With Bri’s Brookland Creamery Ice Cream

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When Brianna McCullough first started making her own ice cream, she tested out found recipes the old-fashioned way—with buckets of ice and rock salt. Eventually, her talents and passion grew and she began developing creative recipes for friends and family to enjoy. From there, Bri’s Brookland Creamery was born. 

Today, you can taste Bri’s ice cream yourself throughout DC, at Brookland’s Monroe Street Farmers Market, the Bloomingdale Farmers Market, the Foggy Bottom Farmers Market, the White House Farmers Market, and Penn the Quarter Farmers Market. But the small-batch brand has almost 100 years behind it. Currently managed by her grandfather and other family members, her family’s cattle farm in Tennessee has a long-time focus on sustainable, local beef and milk. Those same qualities are clear in Bri’s ice cream. 

If the background,  history, and convenient availability of Bri’s Brookland Creamery aren’t enough to convince you to try a scoop of your own, the summer heat should be your all-important selling point. There’s nothing quite like a cold, creamy treat on a sweltering day and Bri’s ice cream is sure to hit the spot on a hot day in DC!

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