Le Diplomate Brings the Flavors of Paris to Your Washington DC Apartment

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Cafe pastries, cobblestone streets, and city sights—a trip to Paris is a bucket list item for plenty of people. Whether you’ve visited before and dream of your eventual return or your travel’s been constrained to your Pinterest boards, you don’t need to give up the full Parisian experience. In fact, thanks to Le Diplomate, you can enjoy the flavors of France without venturing far from your DC apartment!

Place your order for takeout or delivery, or visit Le Diplomate yourself to dine in true French elegance. Founded in “the artful spirit of a Parisian brasserie,” a trip to Le Diplomate is the ideal way to visit “Paris” on a budget. Enjoy classic dishes like salade niçoise, beef bourguignon, or foie gras parfait on their patio or in the restaurant itself. Close your eyes and savor the tastes—you might just imagine yourself on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. 

Be sure to review their wine list, too, for the ultimate Le Diplomate experience. Many of their offerings come from France, of course, but they also have wines from Lebanon, Spain, and from across the United States. Whether you prefer a pinot, chardonnay, or cabernet sauvignon, your drink of choice will only enhance your French staycation.

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