Open for Grocery Shopping Near Your DC Apartment: Capitol Hill Supermarket

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We’ve all been there: you’re finishing up your weekly grocery run, hungry after browsing aisles of food, and realize on your way home that you’ve forgotten the single most important item on your shopping list. The last thing you want to do is wait in the checkout line at your normal grocery store—in fact, the only thing you really want to do is get something to eat, so much so that you consider skipping that important item.  

Capitol Hill Supermarket is just what you need at that moment. This convenient grocery store stocks fresh produce, beer and wine, and typical grocery items—and it’s located just moments from your luxury apartment in downtown Washington DC! But the highlight of the supermarket is its deli. Their fresh meats and cheeses make up a menu of dozens of sandwiches and salads. From a ham and smoked gouda sandwich to a panini stuffed full of pastrami, Havarti, spinach, tomato, and dijon mustard, there’s an option for everyone! 

So, the next time you need to pick up that one last item but want to grab something to eat, know you can do both at Capitol Hill Supermarket. Grab those forgotten veggies and order a delicious sandwich to hold you over. After all, who brings home groceries and immediately wants to cook them?

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