Outfit Your Apartment With Fun Finds From Tabletop

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No matter what the occasion, you can always find the perfect gift at Tabletop. This sweet little shop has become the go-to for many locals when it comes to finding that special something that you didn’t even know they needed. Whether you’re in the market for a baby shower gift, a wedding present, a simple thank you gift,  or decor for a modern apartment, they’ve got it all.

For the jewelry lover, Tabletop stocks fun finds like handcrafted gold hoops. For the expecting couple, you can find so many sweet little stuffed animals or blankets made with love. For your new neighbor (or yourself!), there are so many fun doormats to welcome people into a new apartment or fun dishes for a dinner party or housewarming.  

Even if you don’t have something specific you need to buy, it’s always fun to stop in and browse, you most likely won’t leave empty handed!

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