Sip on Refreshing Milk Tea at Sharetea

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Sharetea only made its DC debut a little more than a month ago, but its specialty Taiwanese teas have already captured the attention of locals. Its menu encompasses a wide variety of fruit teas, milk teas, iced blended teas, and teas capped with creama. Plus, you can add boba pearls, pudding, jelly, and other embellishments to any tea.

Sip on a Cocoa Lover milk tea infused with ice cream or a coffee milk tea topped with boba. Try the refreshing mango green tea or the honey lemon tea with aloe vera jelly. Treat yourself to a decadent Oreo iced blended tea with boba pearls or a creama black tea topped with a velvety layer of foam. These drinks and many more are on the menu at Sharetea, a new shop near you.

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