Join the Fun at CrossFit MPH

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If you’re the kind of person that needs lots of variation and personal coaching to reach your best workout, give CrossFit MPH a try.

The coaches are top notch, and work closely with their members to push boundaries and maintain correct form. You might not realize that you are not reaching your potential when you’re on your own at a traditional gym, but the team at CrossFit MPH will help you get the most out of each visit. And when it comes to the types of ways you’ll be able to work out, the options are endless. CrossFit MPH offers a workout of the day along with tons of new and different ways to build muscle and endurance. Check out the variety of introductory courses available at their website, or special offers if you are transferring from another CrossFit gym. Drop ins and visitors are welcome as well, and bringing along a friend is a great way to introduce friends and family to the CrossFit way of life.

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