Take a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the National Gallery of Art With Museum Hack

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“Those who seek secretive, salacious, scandalous stories.” “People who don’t like museums.” “Speed-walkers.” These are the descriptions used to describe the audience for Museum Hack‘s Un-Highlights Tour of the National Gallery of Art. Needless to say, these tours aren’t the stuffy history lessons you’ve probably come to expect.

On the contrary, Museum Hack unearths a lighter side of art and history thanks to the help of its quirky guides, who are as quick-witted as they are well-informed. They reveal the lesser-known stories behind the masterpieces at the National Gallery of Art, and the tales are often packed with juicy, age-old gossip. These modern-day docents also know where to deviate from the beaten path in order to explore often overlooked corners of the museum, so you’ll get an insider glimpse at the National Gallery of Art. The standard Museum Hack tour is appropriate for ages 16 and older, but the company also offers family-friendly tours.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Tasos_Lekkas

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