Wolfgang Puck Showcases American-Asian Fusion Cuisine at The Source

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When you have a name like Wolfgang Puck behind a restaurant, it's pretty much guaranteed that the eatery is bound for success, even if it's located inside of a museum like The Source. This restaurant resides inside the Newseum, and its name is actually a nod to the countless sources that informed the very pieces of news on display in the exhibits.

Puck's menu features a mix of New American and Asian-inspired dishes, starting with the appetizers. You could make a whole meal out of these apps alone, and some patrons do. Order the three most popular starters: the spicy tuna tartare, the crispy suckling pig, and the pork belly potstickers. Paired with a glass of wine or an artisan cocktail, these bites make for a flavorful and filling feast. If you still have room for an entree, the menu offers Sichuan peppercorn-crusted filet mignon, wok-fried whole branzino, and vegetarian dan-dan noodles, to name just a few.

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