Falafel Inc. Feeds Refugees With Every Pita Sandwich Purchased

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Falafel Inc. may be just a single store in Georgetown right now, but its philanthropic founder has big plans for the self-proclaimed "quick-service food social enterprise." Falafel Inc. was created not only to provide fresh, Palestinian street food to customers, but also to raise funds to feed refugees around the world. The goal is to eventually open more than 100 eateries and feed one million refugees per year. With new branches opening soon in cities from Los Angeles to Dubai, it seems as though that goal is an attainable one.

For now, you're one of the lucky few to live within a stone's throw of the Falafel Inc. in Georgetown. Come to the restaurant to enjoy a healthy, convenient meal and do some good at the same time. You can enjoy your falafel stuffed inside of a pita sandwich or piled atop a salad bowl with your choice of signature sauce. Sandwiches start at a mere $3 and bowls are $4.

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