Gorsha Makes Over Classic Ethiopian Fare with Modern Flair

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When Gorsha debuted at Union Market less than two months ago, it brought some extra flair to the dynamic marketplace. In its short life span, Gorsha has already made a name for itself among the many other vendors thanks to its culinary creativity and fresh spin on authentic Ethiopian food.

Gorsha takes the traditional building blocks of Ethiopian fare—including berbere chicken, yellowfin tuna, and braised lamb—and incorporates them into modern customizable bowls. Patrons begin by selecting turmeric rice, baby kale, or injera as their base. Then they add on any of the aforementioned meats, all of which are marinated using blends of Ethiopian spices. Next, eaters choose veggies such as beets and potatoes, mushroom hash, or yellow split peas. And for the final flourish, load on as many toppings as you like, from fermented cucumbers to the white honey sauce. Then there's only one thing left to do: dig into your healthy bowl.

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