National Arboretum: From Dogwoods to Bonsai Trees

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From the American Southwest to Japan and Korea, the National Arboretum showcases plants imported from all across the globe. That's what makes the arboretum such a great place to take a break from the daily grind; you won't just escape the city, you'll travel to a far-off locale over the course of a lunch break.

The Asian Collections might be the best place to get away from daily life. It's composed of a Japanese Woodland rife with exotic trees, an Asian Valley filled with stunning greenery and flowers, the China Valley, and the Korean Hillside. If you're interested in iconic DC plants, check out the Dogwood Collection. The sweet pink blossoms fall gently to the ground in a green space that overlooks the Anacostia River. Fern Valley, the Holly and Magnolia Collections, and the National Grove of State Trees are a few of the other sights to see at the National Arboretum throughout the year.

Public Domain/Pixabay/jingoba

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