Looking for a Low-Priced Breakfast Meal? Try Cafe Bella Joe

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Cafe Bella Joe is a comfortable, casual cafe on New York Avenue Northwest in DC. It is an eatery that prides itself on serving a wide selection of meals using fresh ingredients, making it a can’t-miss spot for appetites of all kinds.

Perhaps the best thing about Cafe Bella Joe is the freedom it gives you to customize any item on the menu. Need a breakfast platter with a side of grits? The staff here is more than happy to satisfy your requests. Every sandwich, omelet, and burrito is built to your specifications, including even the order in which you want to see each ingredient. The prices are very reasonable too, making this an excellent spot for breakfast or lunch. Don’t overlook the selection of coffee drinks available at Cafe Bella Joe, either: with options like cafe au lait, red eye, and cold brew, you can’t go wrong.

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