The Classic Steakhouse Experience Gets a Modern Twist at Ocean Prime

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Sometimes a quick, casual meal is fine, but at other times you want to go all out and treat yourself to an elegant dining experience. Next time you're in the mood for the latter, consider heading over to Ocean Prime, one of DC's newest steakhouses and cocktail bars.

The restaurant's luxe atmosphere gives diners a sense of privacy, thanks to deep, leather booths and banquets surrounded by sculptural paneling. The menu emphasizes owner Cameron Mitchell's commitment to classic cuisine that's updated with a bit of modern flair, which means you'll be able to enjoy entrees like grilled filet mignon topped with black truffle butter and accompanied by whimsical sides like jalapeno au gratin or quinoa with red peppers and lemon. The bar is also well-known for serving up unique, hand-crafted cocktails, like its popular Berries and Bubbles that combines citrus vodka, fresh berries, and top-shelf champagne. You can stop in for a drink on a whim, but reservations are recommended for dinner.

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