The Partisan: Inventive Fine Dining Is Never Far from Newseum Residences

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Savvy tenants of Newseum Residences know that if you want to enjoy fresh, hand-cut meats at the center of an inventive, eclectic menu, The Partisan is a good choice. This unique restaurant is an offshoot of Red Apron, its partner butcher shop, and the kitchen and butcher shop work hand in hand to bring you some of the finest steaks, roasts, and charcuterie in the city.

Try, for example, the smoked beef shank confit topped with caramelized pear, arugula, and thyme (a dish which takes hours of slow cooking in the kitchen before it's brought to your table). It's not just meat that The Partisan does right, either. Veggie lovers can enjoy dishes like radicchio-pistachio pesto topped with fresh goat cheese and sage, while wine aficionados will appreciate the depth of this place's wine cellar. Ask your server for a drink recommendation to pair with your meal, or go all out and order a tasting flight!

The Partisan
709 D St NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 524-5322

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