Minibar and Barmini Offer an Avant-Garde Culinary Experience Near Newseum Residences

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Minibar (and Barmini, the adjoining cocktail lab) is a unique addition to the DC culinary scene. Located not far from Newseum Residences, the restaurant focuses on avant-garde gastronomy, which means that nearly everything on the menu is labor-intensive to create, thanks to molecular culinary techniques like foaming, sous vide, and others. Every single plate is arranged with artistic care and precision, right down to the placement of each leaf of an herb garnish and the shapes created by a drizzling of sauce. That said, you can be sure that a visit to this restaurant will be more than just a tasty meal; it will be a full sensory experience.

The same is true next door at Barmini, where the phrase "hand-crafted cocktail" takes on a whole new meaning, as libations are mixed and garnished in startling new combinations. All meals here are chef's tasting menus, so be prepared to try new dishes and to trust that the kitchen will send out its freshest, tastiest creations.

Minibar and Barmini
855 E St NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 393-0812

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