Admire Beautiful Art While Ice Skating Near Newseum Residences at the National Gallery Of Art Ice Rink

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Make a new winter tradition in DC at the National Gallery Of Art Ice Rink. Every year, the National Gallery of Art constructs a very large, seasonal ice rink right in the center of the outdoor sculpture garden, which makes a wonderful way to check out the area’s best art and take part in a time-honored winter activity. Whether you come with your family, your friends from Newseum Residences, or even for a unique date with your other half, just about everyone will enjoy bundling up to carve circles around sculptures by Louise Bourgeois, Sol LeWitt, Tony Smith, Roy Lichtenstein, Roxy Paine and many others.

Once you start to get too cold, warm up with a cup of cocoa and a homemade cookie from the gallery’s nearby Pavilion Café. Attend a free skate or even hone your skills at an ice skating class!

The National Gallery Of Art Ice Rink is open through March 13.

National Gallery Of Art Ice Rink
700 Constitution Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20565
(202) 289-3360

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