Tip for Residents of Newseum Residences: Order the Naan Burger at Grand Trunk

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Grand Trunk has its sights set on becoming the country’s first South Asian fast food empire. At the moment, however, it is merely one of the busiest and best-regarded fast-casual spots in DC’s Penn Quarter. The atmosphere is modern and fun — relaxed enough that you can come as you are, but refined enough that you could schedule a casual date or business meeting over lunch. (You’ll find the Indiana Avenue location buzzing with tourists and locals alike, even though it is less than a year old.)

The brainchild of Kamran Fazil Cheema and his brother Salman, Grand Trunk specializes in a fusion of Pakistani, Indian, and American cuisines. The standout dish on the menu, according to social media reviews, is the naan burger— bread right out of a tandoori oven stuffed with spiced beef and flavored with chutney. Newseum Residences vegetarians and vegans will feel right at home, too, as this restaurant serves meatless versions of all its dishes!

Grand Trunk
641 Indiana Ave NW
Washington, DC 20004
(703) 589-7463

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