Craving Sushi Near Newseum Residences? Visit Momoyama!

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Heads up, Newseum Residences sushi lovers! Momoyama is a must-try eatery for all of your maki and sashimi needs. This hole-in-the-wall is a bit off the beaten path, but it offers some of the most authentic Japanese cuisine near Newseum Residences.

Pop in for lunch and you’ll find a selection of bento boxes, including the colorful Mono Box or the Korean Bulgogi Box. For dinner, the menu includes a very large selection of sushi rolls that can all be completely made to order, but most regulars recommend checking out Momoyama’s signature rolls. Party platters also come with a diverse mix of sushi rolls if you want to share with a group.

Inside, Momoyama is small but cozy, with a tiny wooden sushi bar and a few small tables perfect for two. There is also an upstairs portion that is intimate and quiet, making it ideal for a romantic date night out.

231 Second St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 737-0397

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