National Gallery of Art: One of the Country’s Most Revered Art Collections Is Just Moments From Newseum Residences

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Whether you’re a seasoned artist, a veteran art critic, or someone who just enjoys looking at nice pictures, a visit to the National Gallery of Art can be a very rewarding experience. With more than 130,000 pieces in its holdings, the National Gallery of Art is home to one of the most important art collections in the nation — and it’s just moments from Newseum Residences!

Before you visit, note that that the museum comprises several different buildings and areas. Since you probably won’t have time to visit everything, be sure you prioritize what you want to see. The West Building is the place to go for Renaissance-era European painting (including the only Leonardo da Vinci in the western hemisphere). The East Building is home to more contemporary works, including the modernist art of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Jackson Pollock.

The museum’s holdings are rounded out by a sculpture garden, galleries for visiting exhibits, a photographic archive, and research library.

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