Pitango Gelato: An Authentic Taste of Italy Is Just a Stone’s Throw From Newseum Residences

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After spending a summer in Italy, the founders of Pitango Gelato decided to bring the fresh, flavorful taste of authentic Italian gelato to the DC area. This small chain of independently owned and operated gelato shops serves a wide variety of high quality gelatos, with flavors like caffe espresso, stracciatella, and pistachio di bronte. All of these delicious desserts are made with high quality ingredients just like they are back in Italy, and you’ll taste the difference once you take a scoop of the creamy, rich treats on offer here.

In addition to its gelato, Pitango Gelato serves premium coffee and espresso drinks just like you would find in a European cafe. With a beautifully minimal, light-filled interior and cozy cafe seating inside, Pitango Gelato makes the perfect after-dinner treat during an evening out near Newseum Residences.

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